Managed Services

Supporting your organisation.

Our Managed Service forms the basis for our subscription contract and represents excellent value for money. It is based on a combination of scheduled on-site visits, telephone support and remote access support. A Managed Service contract with EduTech starts from as little as £1750 per annum. Organisations who want the security of knowing when their next visit will be and knowing it will be carried out by their designated engineer can also take advantage of a contract that includes remote access, helpdesk/telephone support  and direct contact with their designated engineer even when he is not with them.

Over the years we have made our service platform as flexible as we possibly can to reflect the variety of ways our education clients work. In doing so, we feel we have a service that can suit all requirements and budgets. Whether you need a service to provide all your ICT support or you simply want to provide 2nd or 3rd line support to your existing onsite ICT team then we have a subscription that will meet your requirement.

Services Included in your Contract 

  • Guaranteed amount of on-site hours within the contract and the option to bank unused time from visits to be used when needed
  • Unlimited remote access support hours
  • Unlimited telephone helpdesk support access from 8:00am to 5:00pm during term time, 9:00am till 5:00pm out of term time
  • Unlimited email helpdesk support
  • School staff access to email helpdesk for monitoring, updating and prioritising of jobs
  • 24/7 Proactive monitoring and alerting of servers, key staff computers, broadband service and Cloud based Offsite backups for your site
  • Daily auditing of all servers and key computers at your site, weekly auditing of all curriculum/pupil computers
  • Monthly detailed health check, asset inventory and activity reporting to your inbox
  • Proactive maintenance and updating of servers and network assets including managed ‘out of hours’ rebooting of servers by engineers via remote access where required
  • Unlimited emergency callouts with 1-hour response and no callout charge on any callout, emergency or otherwise 
  • EduTech managed Windows System Update Services (WSUS) to manage and monitor Microsoft Windows updates to all PC’s and laptops at your site
  • Site Licence for XIA Automation and XIA Links applications
  • WEEE Secure Recycling service for school’s redundant ICT assets 
  • Two 1-hour onsite training sessions for school staff


Internet Services

Broadband and Internet services designed for Education

For a number of years now we have offered schools and academies access to the Internet through our suite of Broadband solutions. In partnership with Exa Networks, we can offer a full range of speeds and different types of connectivity depending on your organisations budget and what is available to you in your geographical area. Our services include the more common types of connectivity such as ADSL & FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and also more specialised connectivity solutions such as SDSL, and airband (wireless broadband) for areas with poor connectivity. We also offer leased lines and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) for organisations that demand large bandwidth connectivity.

All our connectivity packages are full monitored by ourselves and our ISP. At EduTech, we monitor all the physical aspects of your internet connection not just whether it is up or down. We continually monitor your bandwidth usage, connected speeds, packet error and discards etc so we are able to spot any errors/issues on your connection and any anomalies such as high usage at night when we know nobody is there or the speed of your link dropping suddenly for no reason.

Content Filtering

All our solutions come with a fully featured web content filter called SurfProtect to ensure that the web content coming into your organisation is safe for students and teachers to view. The filter is easy to use and has been designed to allow designated teaching or technical staff within your organisation to control which websites and content they wish to allow or block for both students and teaching staff. 

SurfProtect is completely transparent and in its most basic form does not need any additional equipment or services installed at your site. It operates at the other end of your internet connection and all traffic from your organisation is automatically forwarded to it to ensure it is correctly filtered.

There are no additional licensing costs with SurfProtect, it is included as part of your package and automatically covers all your organisations faculty and students. Whether that is 100 faculty and students or 1500, the cost is the same which makes it very cost effective against other content filters who charge on a per seat/user basis.

Exa Networks

As a pioneer in the field of internet connectivity and content filtering to schools, Exa Networks has grown to become one of the largest independent providers to educational organisations in the UK - enabling EduTech to bring their wealth of knowledge services designed specifically for the education sector to its clients. Exa now look after thousands of schools throughout the UK, providing services from connectivity to email. In fact in the last year alone more than 900 schools have moved to Exa. Exa are members of the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA), The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), RIPE, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) as well as founding members of IXLeeds. They also sit on the board of the largest internet exchange in the UK, LINX.


Broadband Monitoring

All our broadband provision is fully monitored at a number of levels. Our monitoring platform collects information from our routers and from your onsite proxy server which helps us build a detailed picture of Internet activity at your site which is not normally noticeable on basic broadband installations. For instance, our router monitoring allows us to see if your connection speed has been regraded by Openreach and advise you that upgrades are available or perhaps that the speed is lower than it should be and log a call for it to be investigated. Whilst this seems a relatively simple task, it is worth remembering that on a basic broadband installation, the only way to check what speed your line is running at is to log into the router and check it manually.

We can tell if your line is experiencing interference which is causing your negotiated speed to drop or that a particular computer on your network is using the Internet out of hours when it shouldn't be. The information we collect helps us build a picture of how you would normally use your connection and we then setup alerts to highlight abnormal usage or changes in the provision. As the monitoring platform is external to your site, we can also alert you by SMS message as soon as your Internet goes down.

We also monitor Internet usage at user level for staff and pupils and log all sites visited as part of our Safer Internet provision.

Offsite Backups

Safe, secure and reliable backups for your organisations key data.

EduTech are able to offer a comprehensive range of offsite, cloud based backup services to protect your most valuable data. Our backup service is based on two core solutions. One solution covers the offsite backup of your management information system, administration systems, finance data and other key critical data. The second solution can cover all of of your schools information

Key Features  
Data Replicated to ISO27001 Accredited Data Centers Data Centers are based in England, not EU
Unlimited backup and restores Data secured in transit and resting using 256bit AES encryption
Backup multiple servers/devices with on account Backs up servers, PC's, laptops & Virtual Machines
Backup Microsoft Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013   Microsoft Exchange Brick Level Backup feature available
Microsoft SQL (SIMS) & SharePoint backup features Works on Windows, MAC & Linux Operating Systems


Remote Access

Safe, secure access to your organisations key data and applications.

At EduTech, we believe the best approach to information safeguarding is a data centric approach. That is, rather than remove data from your network to access off-site, implement a solution that will allow you to access your data on your network, wherever you are.

Our remote access solutions provide a seamless approach to accessing files, email and applications allowing staff to securely access sensitive information without removing it from the safety of your network.

When combined with our new virtual networks, the remote access solution will allow staff to access live PC's on your network in order to run applications that previously were not available outside of school.

The solution features granular controls that allow you to dictate who has access to what down to each member of staff so each user will only see what you want them to see when they are off-site.

We have found this style of solution is particularly useful in federated schools as it allows staff in federated members schools to access important files and applications, such as schools finances, in the primary federation member. This allows the federation to centralise personnel, health and safety and finance information within a single school and gives other federation members secure access to it.

It will also allow you to securely access email on smart-phones, should you require it and we currently have Blackberrys, iPhones and Android smart-phones connected to remote access in our schools.

Should your schools safeguarding policy require it, we can combine the solution with encrypted keycards which allow an extra layer of security when accessing your network.

For further information, please contact your designated engineer who will be happy to help you out.

ICT Personnel

Supporting Your Systems, Your Staff and Your School.


As part of the way we like to work with our clients, we can offer a flexible range of services designed to support all aspects of ICT delivery. This has meant that we have been asked to supply contract staff to cover and/or supplement existing school ICT staff to varying degrees which we have been happy to do.


ICT/Network Manager Support

When we provide ICT Personnel in this manner, we bring our experience and background to the task but our staff will always put the interests of your organisation first as that is how they are employed. They will inherit your suppliers and partners and will conduct their role according to your remit. EduTech, as a company, does not see this as an opportunity to provide additional services and profit through this relationship. Any additional services we help your organisation arrange will always be done primarily to fulfil your requirement and our interests will be completely detached from that process. We think being able to trust the autonomy of our staff members is an important element in building a quality relationship.


ICT Technician Support

All of our ICT technical staff have a minimum a 5 years experience in directly supporting ICT in Education and are skilled in the day to day running and maintenance of education ICT platforms. They can offer a broad range of assistance in Microsoft, Apple and Dell products as well as related services such as OS/application deployment, iPad deployment and associated troubleshooting. Our staff can quickly fit in to any team and work as directed for long or short term contracts.