Supporting Your Systems, Your Staff and Your School.


As part of the way we like to work with our clients, we can offer a flexible range of services designed to support all aspects of ICT delivery. This has meant that we have been asked to supply contract staff to cover and/or supplement existing school ICT staff to varying degrees which we have been happy to do.


ICT/Network Manager Support

When we provide ICT Personnel in this manner, we bring our experience and background to the task but our staff will always put the interests of your organisation first as that is how they are employed. They will inherit your suppliers and partners and will conduct their role according to your remit. EduTech, as a company, does not see this as an opportunity to provide additional services and profit through this relationship. Any additional services we help your organisation arrange will always be done primarily to fulfil your requirement and our interests will be completely detached from that process. We think being able to trust the autonomy of our staff members is an important element in building a quality relationship.


ICT Technician Support

All of our ICT technical staff have a minimum a 5 years experience in directly supporting ICT in Education and are skilled in the day to day running and maintenance of education ICT platforms. They can offer a broad range of assistance in Microsoft, Apple and Dell products as well as related services such as OS/application deployment, iPad deployment and associated troubleshooting. Our staff can quickly fit in to any team and work as directed for long or short term contracts.

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  • Short-Term Project Support
Our flexible approach to providing support allows us to help schools through staffing issues, planned and unplanned.
Whether your school is in between Network Managers or your ICT Technician is requesting a sabbatical or off on long-term or short-term sickness, we can provide cover to ensure your ICT provision continues to run smoothly. We can offer competent and professional ICT cover and can operate at all levels of the Education Sector.
Our staff are experienced in directly supporting ICT from EYFS and Primary Schools through Higher Education, Colleges and other Further Education establishments.
We also provide Interview support for schools fielding new ICT Support candidates and need assistance in assessing candidates on their technical merits.
Long or short term contracts
Maternity, sickness, sabbatical & holiday cover
Remote assistance and help-desk cover
Dedicated full time or part time based at your site
Staff contracted at desktop technician, server administrator or network manager level.
Interview assistance for schools employing new candidates in an ICT support role.
Sometimes, you may find yourself in a position where your normal team doesn't seem big enough. We can also assist to ensure that deployments and projects, that may only crop up once every few years, are carried out within your given timescale.
We can help you with all stages of your project whether its an extra pair of eyes to make sure you have covered all your bases or extra pairs of hands to help deliver the project efficiently with the minimum of disruption.