Safe, secure access to your organisations key data and applications.

At EduTech, we believe the best approach to information safeguarding is a data centric approach. That is, rather than remove data from your network to access off-site, implement a solution that will allow you to access your data on your network, wherever you are.

Our remote access solutions provide a seamless approach to accessing files, email and applications allowing staff to securely access sensitive information without removing it from the safety of your network.

When combined with our new virtual networks, the remote access solution will allow staff to access live PC's on your network in order to run applications that previously were not available outside of school.

The solution features granular controls that allow you to dictate who has access to what down to each member of staff so each user will only see what you want them to see when they are off-site.

We have found this style of solution is particularly useful in federated schools as it allows staff in federated members schools to access important files and applications, such as schools finances, in the primary federation member. This allows the federation to centralise personnel, health and safety and finance information within a single school and gives other federation members secure access to it.

It will also allow you to securely access email on smart-phones, should you require it and we currently have Blackberrys, iPhones and Android smart-phones connected to remote access in our schools.

Should your schools safeguarding policy require it, we can combine the solution with encrypted keycards which allow an extra layer of security when accessing your network.

For further information, please contact your designated engineer who will be happy to help you out.