What you can expect from us

All our contracts have an individual engineer designated to them. This engineer will perform all your onsite visits and they act as your first point of contact for any issues or questions you have about your ICT and you are able to contact them directly via mobile or email during working hours for important issues.

Organisations that take up our contracts have direct contact with all of our engineers in case of any emergencies. We understand that in the case of emergencies it is important that our clients have direct access to key staff who are able to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.

For jobs and issues that are to be dealt with as part of the contracts onsite visits, we use a helpdesk system to record and log the progress of each job. The helpdesk routes each job logged into the correct queue for the organisation and this is then visible to your designated engineer and also all other engineers. Organisations that have support with us are able to access their own queue to monitor the progress on jobs and provide feedback where required. They are also able to prioritise the work that has been logged in readiness for your onsite visit.

Our engineers are able to access and monitor the helpdesk from whereever they are. Organisations that have highly important requests but may not be business critical such as a site outage can either phone a specially designated phone number and leave a message or log a job through the helpdesk with a high importance. In both of these cases, an SMS alert will be generated either containing a link to the voicemail message or containing the job itself if it was logged via the helpdesk. The SMS alert will go out to all engineers mobile phones so they are all aware of the issue and can respond promptly.

At EduTech we take our obligation to provide support very seriously and always aim to make sure that all our clients feel properly supported which is often over and above what could be considered a standard service. We recognise that it could be easy for us to compartmentalise aspects of support into what we consider to be business critical and what we consider not to be urgent or highly important and define our response accordingly. What we have learned from our clients is that it is sometimes not that simple and so we take our priorities from our customers. If it is important to you then it should be important to us and the circumstances of Education mean that these priorites can and do change throughout the year. A whiteboard PC or Admin PC failure may normally mean that an engineer would be out in 1 working day to fix but if the teacher is being observed or if the school have an Oftsed visit or if it is Census day then you need a support company who understands and is able to be flexible in these conditions and to take onboard what their clients consider a priority.

Every support company involved with Education can pull out the stops when one of their clients has an Ofsted visit but few of them can say that they have had their engineers collect the headteacher from his house at 6:30am on the day of their Ofsted visit, drive him to his school and start work onsite at 7:00am and check every whiteboard, printer and admin PC prior to Oftseds arrival at 8:30. Few of them can also say that they have had their engineers in a school on a sunday afternoon prior to an Ofsted visit checking that everything staff need is in place and ready. Neither school had any issues or problems but simply making sure that everything has been checked removes an element of stress from what is clearly a stressful situation.

This is the level of support we continue to strive for on behalf of our clients.